by Ancestral Legacy

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Bone Code 05:36
In my bones lies the acoustic of my dreams. In the greyness it's been waiting, down in the dust until its roots. I feel it luring inside, I can read its light, the answer to the end. Your face seems to have made me love, but now its just a blur in my mind. We are nothing but tools. Under these bones long lost, I remember through them. They whisper to me that this place is not true. My lips hold the answer to it, what utopia is like. In the greyness I am waiting. I feel you fly through, never inside. While I lose my last memory, I regret I aimed for paradise. Under these walls of perfection, nothing is what I dreamt of, what I thought, there is no more. Under these walls of perfection I've lost myself. My shadow never to follow, and the keys to be lost.
Lethe Part 1 05:23
Dead inside, nothing left to beat in this chest, just a black mass, devoid of life. Melancholy screams resounding in my heart, just remember I loved you from the start. Gone, forever astray, never again to stay. (While) these words they fray, left praying for another day. I will always and never remember your name, always and never I will cherish the name of my heart's desire. Left wanting something more, as I walked out your door, now there is nothing more, dead inside but I'll never be poor. Is there anything left in me other than hate? Lend me thy ear, hear this faith of the flesh, lets put these rules to test, let see where your feelings rest. As love fades with time, so does the memories of your kind. Left wanting (something) more, (if only) I could forget your name.
There is no birth and death, only change. There's no place of torture, unbind yourself. God I am so lonely and unequaled, hate resides in me. -Only change. Once more you shall have the choice, love the world, or become its enemy -Unbind yourself. Within this blinding light my power becomes that of the gods. Forever changed by this knowledge and filth, your life, now quivers at the end of my hilt.
Be my slave, feed my lust, in exchange you'll get a grave for yourself. In the darkest spot of my mind you live, sickening and laughing. I am the puppet of your iron strings, I'm the scum right from your thoughts. I now hold your smile, and the blood in your face, I spit in your eyes, your tears are nothing to me. You'll get to feel the punishment of sin. And I will get the reward of your dead body in my bed. When the night is calling, frightening shakes my body, I bury myself, inside my bed. No matter how I pray, shadows are stronger than God, the cross over my bed, falls and breaks. And I know this body, is not mine anymore. It's yours, My Wretched Lord Hurt me more, break my soul. I can't let you go, but still I feel delighted in pain Twist my will, kill my body. I can't let you go, I can't let you go. Please me with death. Cruelest methods to dismember your soul, may this punishment show you not to love me.
Lethe Part 2 07:34
You were a river, Lethe, to me. Your name forgotten to others, I will never love another. Oh Lethe, how dare you treat me this way, with nothing left to give, you're something I'll never have. Lost in something, consumed by nothing. Loved by everyone, loathed by no one. Currents of blood, storm through my mind, oh how I want you dead, caressed by your forgetfulness. Oh Lethe, hold me near, let me hear your breath, hold me afar. Let me hear your (passionate) sigh, without you I truly want to die. With this burning in my heart, I've loved you from the start. With all my heart, I want you to die, and share my misery. With all of my heart, I want you to die. Oh Lethe, take me away, oh Lethe, you've lead me astray.
Dawn Of Time 05:09
Seek and you'll find the secrets left for you, follow the path... Only then you'll be granted life eternally, a fate to be... Since the dawn of time for man, life starting to unveil. Life is death itself, our final purpose is to die. Take away the life that once was present misery. Myself in the mirror, crying silent in despair. Life fearing death, (it) turns to anxiety. Inside this darkness, (it) brings anger to me. Anger leads to hate, hate leading to despair. A blind pursuit of power is a meaningless vice. Shadows in the dark, a sense or an illusion. Shattered dimensions of good and evil. My eyes are closed. -I opened mine. My eyes are blinded. -I will lead you. My shadow follows. -Don't loose track. Frustration grows. -Don't loose faith. Balance is lost, we shall live forever.
Lethe Part 3 06:11
Forgetfulness, nothingness, if only I'd be so lucky, to forget all of which you have shown. A river in my heart, these memories that burn. Dead a little more inside, exposed and frail. Drowning with love, consumed with hatred my blood boils at the thought. Forever locked away, yet in my heart you always stay. Take me away, remind me of the times of old remain here and stay, unless my words they fray. Your are my Lethe, yet I cannot seem to forget all these things that I hate, all these sins of which I have enjoyed. Shunned of that which I have known, vividly I remember that which you have shown. Alone in the dark, with this black heart of mine, in my mind you will always shine. Lethe, come and take me away. Lest I drown in this love, never to rise above.
The joy I feel is transient, the smile you see just on the outside. Time heals nothing it seems, I have tried, I never said I wanted it the easy way, but how long will this last? You don't dare to tell the truth, and you don't want to lie. You leave some before you loose it, relations die. You don't see my scars, the open wounds. We still see the same moon, in different ways. As now my pale days grow me older I have yet not found a tomb to mourn on, nor the prayer to grant me the someone I wish for. Pale days growing my soul old, reflecting the pain into my heart, to kill me slowly. Will you laugh at last when I'm done forever? I just want to wake up and see your eyes as they were, kind as before, when they didn't scare me. Twisted reality where I wished dreams came true, or your evil words could be a lullaby. When I'm not with you I wanna be alone, to loose myself in a spiral of questions that expands with time and never ends. The hard truth that bitters our kisses, or the sweet lies to tear us apart, which of those can you live with, which of those do you choose? We may remember the love we once had, but won't feel it as one. In your eyes I won't find my loving sight but surprise and deception.
Oregon Traik 04:44
Since the day that I let you leave, nothing has been the same. All I can do is look the other way, pretend your face still holds the smile. I never took the chance to say goodbye with this doom surrounding me. All I can see is your sullen eyes, staring into my soul, into the darkness, where there is no light. Once again I dream of your face, lost in the blue hue of your eyes. So small this distance between us, travel far and gain no ground. Your face I see and the mirror knows the truth and the lies. My trust is gone, what awaits us on the other side? I feel I failed, I feel I failed you, I feel I failed you again. Left alone, with only you in my brain. All I can do is pretend that I'm ok, can you forgive me, can you believe me?
Nigh sun rises and set. Nigh shall you forget. Lost in thine own misery. Wallowing in thine own pity. Hearts remember bright days of dark, heart and home, all is laid on stone. Earth and death, mystery of thy flesh. Sights of undeath, cleave the minds eye. There is no glory in death, no pain in the hereafter. Shall you become that which you fear? Shall you become that which you hear? Life and death, always unset, the fruit of thy labors. Remind you of sickness within, till thy sun rises. Consumed into oblivion my heart calls your name. Deafened by the silence within my mind. Destruction completes all. Worlds fall below, laughs echo forever. Nigh sun rises and set. Nigh shall you forget. Lost in thine own misery. Wallowing in thine own pity. Hearts remember bright days of darkness, heart and home, all is laid on stone.
Shedding You 01:34
Terminal 08:53
I resign to apathy, observing life passing by without me. Empty heart, thoughts full of questions, you hide the truth in your silence. Don't want this to pass, don't want to move on. I'll suffer as long as I have to, can't forget and don't want to. Without your presence I fade a bit more each day, resigning... Endless hours, slowly numbing me, lying awake, yet not tired, (although) I long for sleep to free me. There's so much pain in silence. I am invisible, like air. Dreamless sleep free me from the longing I hide inside, the misery. Without your presence I fade a bit more each day, resigning... This is not killing me, as I'm already dead (inside). It's the nails to my coffin and the hole in the ground. You were the light that made me see the bright colours. Now all's dark, this is terminal life.


Released in 2014 under Whispering Voice Records.


released September 29, 2014


all rights reserved



Ancestral Legacy Aust-Agder, Norway

A genre crossing metal band from Southern Norway. First album "Nightmare Diaries" was released in 2010. The second effort, "Terminal" was released on September 29th, 2014.

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